10 Interview Questions to Ask a Divorce Attorney

Divorce is a complicated process that involves more than most divorcees think. If you are in search of a reliable divorce lawyer, there are some things you should consider. It’s essential to do your homework on divorce attorneys if you want to get the best results.


Choosing the right lawyer for your divorce is one of the most significant decisions you will make in the divorce process. Even if you receive a referral from friends or family, you need to do your research to ensure you have the right option. This article will explore some interview questions you should ask potential candidates to pick the right attorney.


10 Questions to Ask Your Divorce Attorney


Here are some interview questions you should ask before you hire a divorce attorney.


1.   How Much Experience Do You Have?


Experience is one of the most critical components of a good divorce attorney. While you don’t necessarily need an expert, you need someone who has a proven track record of success with cases similar to yours. Hire a lawyer who is experienced in family law and can handle your case the right way to get you optimal results.


2.   Do You Specialize in Divorce?


Many attorneys can handle a variety of cases but only specialize in one type of practice. Before you hire someone, make sure they specialize in divorce. This will ensure they’re up to date and experienced in handling your case.


3.   Will You Personally Handle My Case?


Many significant practices hand your case off to new attorneys who don’t have much experience. You need to ask your potential attorney if they will be personally handling your case. While they might need to call in other lawyers from their practice for help, you want to know that they will primarily be doing the work.


4.   How Will You Charge Me?


While it might seem like an awkward conversation, you need to discuss payments. Will your attorney charge hourly or with a flat rate? Can they work within your budget? Divorce is expensive, and the last thing you want to do is lose everything by paying for an attorney.


5.   How Long Will the Process Take?


You need to know how long your attorney expects your case to take. Sure, you’ll likely experience delays along the way. Still, you want to make sure your attorney is attentive and keeps your case moving.


6.   Do You Charge a Retainer?


Some attorneys charge a retainer, and it’s essential to know how much that is. If they can’t handle your case effectively, will they return your retainer? Will your retainer be added to the overall cost of your case?


7.   Will You Create a Strategy for My Case?


Ask the divorce attorney what strategy they will use. If your attorney tells you the process, you know they are reliable. Plus, you’ll know exactly what to expect.


8.   Will You Provide Copies of Court Documents?


A good lawyer provides a copy of every document that they send or receive.


9.   Do You Have Experience in the Local Court?


Typically, an attorney with experience in the local scene can get you better results.


10.  Have You Handled Any Cases Similar to Mine?


If your lawyer has represented clients in cases similar to yours, you can expect better results.

If you want to discuss your options with a compassionate Lancaster divorce lawyer, we’re here to help.

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