3 Details Most Miss When Looking At HVAC Filters

When looking into different HVAC systems when buying a home or changing your system that is already in your home, it is important to know what you are buying. Most understand that different systems have different issues or benefits, but there is one area that most people usually gloss right over. Filters. Filters in your system can sometimes make or break your HVAC. These filters, also called air filters or furnace filters, are a very important component of any HVAC system and it is important to know what filters to use in your home.

Here are 3 details most miss when looking at HVAC filters.


How Often the Filter Needs to be Changed?

This is a question that does come up from time to time for most people, and most people do not know the answer to it. It is a very small detail about HVAC systems that a lot of people miss. With filters and how frequently they need to be changed, it can vary depending on what is happening around your home and in your home. On their packaging, most filters list the recommended time to keep the filter in the system, but it is also recommended to be wary of your surroundings. If there is an increase of people in your home, a major change in air quality in your home, the kind of air conditioning you have, construction in and around your home, and increase of pets in your home, it is important to keep track of your filter and when it seems right to change it. If the filter, when just looking at it, looks dirty, it is important to change it immediately.


How to Know When the Filter Needs to be Changed?

Some details with knowing when to change your filter can also be easily missed. If you notice that the filter is dirty, it should be changed immediately as well as if there is a major increase in dust around the house. If the system is also taking much longer than normal to heat and cool the house, it is recommended to look into replacing your filter. And the final thing to keep track of is if the filter has gone longer than what the manufacturer recommends using the filter for. If it has, change the filter as soon as possible.


Can You Run Your System Without a Filter?

It is very strongly recommended that you should never run your HVAC system without a filter. Running the system without it can create major problems with condensate draining, air quality, Freon tubes, and the ductwork. Any problem in any of these areas, or all of them, can damage and break your system very quickly, leading to a huge increase in funds that will be needed to repair your system or get a new one.

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