4 Major Differences Between Charter and Tour Buses

From the outside, all buses generally look the same and seem like they would all perform the same basic task: transporting people from place to place. But on the inside, each bus may perform a different task and have a different specialization to meet consumers needs. Each bus has different amenities and uses, leading to multiple different uses and reasons to need the bus. The differences between these kinds of buses can be very hard to spot and understand, but we are here to help.


Here are 4 main differences between charter buses and tour buses.

  1. How They Are Used

Charter buses are used mainly for transportation of small or large groups of people from one area to another (typically larger groups). They are used to transport these groups from one area to another. They could be going to competitions, meetings and conferences, field trips for school, weddings, vacation areas, and so many more. They are perfect for larger groups since these groups need fast and efficient travel to these spots and charter buses can supply that.

Tour buses are also known as sleeper buses or even trailers because they are buses specifically built for travel and sleeping in the same area. These buses are commonly seen transporting groups or artists or crews from one place to another while they are able to use those buses for sleeping a living while on the road.


  1. What Accommodations They Have

Charter buses accommodate large groups of people, allowing for large groups to transport in one vehicle instead of multiple. These large groups can be for entire sports teams, entire work teams, or huge families in need of help transporting.

Tour buses, while being the same size as charter buses, accommodate a much smaller number of people since it is also used as a designated living space. While a charter bus can hold up to 60 people, most tour buses can hold up to 35 people. The space that isn’t being used as seats or sleeping areas in these tour buses are used for living spaces and restrooms.


  1. Differing Features

Most charter buses have similar features, those being restrooms, reclining seats, outlets, DVD players and TVs, wifi, luggage bays, and even more. They have more than enough features to accommodate all of your traveling needs.

Tour buses have more than twice as many features than charter buses since they are also used as sleeping and living spaces while not moving from one place to another. Those can be anywhere from beds to full kitchens and bathrooms.


  1. What The Storage Looks Like

Storage for a charter bus is usually either under the bus or right above the seats, allowing the passengers to store their belongings and luggage while they are moving from place to place.

Since tour buses can be on the road for months at a time, there is a large amount of storage space available for all luggage, personal belongings, and more. If ever in need of a charter bus in your area for travel or fun, contact this Los Angeles charter bus company.


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