6 Extremely Useful and Protective Types of Glass Used Everyday

When building or restoring or just renovating your home, windows are very important to take into account. Depending on the area you are living in, it is important to have windows that are strong and can resist winds, hurricanes, or all types of weather, or having windows that can help keep the heat out and the cool in. All in all, the strength, safety, insulation, and heat resistance of the windows you chose is extremely important. I hope the following list will be able to help you find the kind of glass you are in need of for your home.

Here are 6 extremely useful and protective types of glass that are used every day.


Glass Wool

Glass wool is a very interesting type of glass. Similar to glass fibers, it is used in an everyday setting, specifically in insulation. Glass already has a very high thermal insulation, and putting glass into this wool type of fiber helps create an even higher thermal insulation.


Glass Flakes

In most cases glass flakes are used in paints and different kinds of coasting to prevent corrosion. It is created when extremely thin glass plates are incorporated into these paints and coatings. It is like painting with glass.


Container Glass

This kind of glass is used almost every day by everyone in the world. Whether it be glass jars, drinking glasses, or any other form of container, it is usually made up of soda-lime glass that uses calcium and alumina instead of sodium and magnesium so that the glass is more resistant to any form of water erosion and safer for people to use. It is weaker than window glass though, since heat can break container glass unlike window glass.


Fuzed Quartz Glass

This kind of glass is made up of pure silica, which increases the melting point to extreme temperatures, making it one of the strongest types of glass. It can reach temperatures up to 3000 degrees, which is unlike regular soda-lime glass that has a much lower melting point. This type of glass, due to its extreme heat endurance, is used in lab equipment, spacecraft, lenses, and optical fibers.

Colored Glass

Any kind of glass that is used for windows can have metallic salts added to it to create a colored glass. This glass is typically used as decoration, art, or in windows to create beautiful stained glass windows.


Crystal Glass

This kind of glass originally referred to lead glass and was historically used in glassware used throughout the house until it was found that this glass is extremely harmful for the body to be near and used. Today, this glass is created with zinc oxide, potassium oxide, and barium oxide so it is not as harmful to the human body.

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