Top Reasons to Go with Heavy Glass Shower Doors

Whether you are building a new home or remodeling your current bathroom, you should consider getting glass shower doors. There are several benefits to heavy glass shower doors. From style to durability, let’s explore some of the top reasons you should go with glass doors for your bathroom shower.


Why Should I Pick Glass Doors for My Bathroom Shower?


If you are doing a bathroom project, heavy glass doors are an excellent option for your shower. Here are some reasons why:


1.   They Create a Modern Look


Shower enclosures come in a wide variety of options that allow you to coordinate your shower design with the interior style of your bathroom. Since clear glass matches any décor in any bathroom, going with a heavy glass shower door can enhance the look of your room.


2.   Durability and Lifespan


Shower glass doors are made of tempered glass, making them incredibly durable. Using a one-piece attachment, you don’t have to worry that the doors will fall off their tracks when opening and closing your shower. This type of glass is also water-resistant, allowing you to keep your space looking clean, even in high-traffic bathrooms. The thicker the glass, the more durable it is. In most cases, you’ll only have to install a glass shower door once in your home because they last forever.


3.   More Space


Residential bathrooms are often one of the smallest rooms in the house. Interior designers and homeowners are always looking for ways to make their bathrooms appear bigger. Clear glass shower doors don’t take up any additional space in your bathroom. When placed on the right track, they can even save some space. Even better, they give your bathroom a larger appearance as they open up your space. Since your shower often takes up the most room in your bathroom, adding a clear glass shower door can give an open, airy, spacious appearance.


4.   Affordability


Although you’ll need to invest some money during the initial installation, a high-quality, heavy glass shower door is typically a one-time investment. You’ll save money on replacing your shower curtains and liners because you don’t need to worry about mold growth or wear and tear as you do with traditional shower curtains. The return on this investment often outweighs the initial cost.


5.   Better Substitute for Wood or Plastic


Wood and plastic shower doors deteriorate over time. With consistent use, these doors can shift from their original location. Additionally, they typically show signs of decay, especially at the joints. Both require ongoing maintenance to avoid mold deposits and prevent corrosion and warping.


Heavy glass shower doors give your bathroom a modern, classy look. They are easy to maintain and open up your space to give a bigger appearance. With advancements in interior design trends, going with heavy glass shower doors is a wise choice.


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