Understanding Car Heating and Cooling Issues

Most car owners never stop to think about how their car’s heating and cooling systems work, especially if they have never experienced issues with these systems. As vehicles become increasingly technology-driven, heating and cooling systems have advanced substantially.  Today, most cars offer the convenience of having separate driver and passenger thermostats specifically designed to keep every passenger in the vehicle comfortable during their ride.


While these new systems are a great convenience, what happens when they stop working? There are several issues you can experience with your car’s heating and cooling system. Let’s explore!


Understanding the Most Common Cooling and Heating System Issues in Cars


Let’s look at the most common heating and cooling issues in vehicles.


1.   Heating Element Malfunction


The heater core is a small device that looks like a radiator. The primary purpose of this device is to generate heat to be circulated to the passengers in your car. Depending on the intensity of the weather and the heating requirements you set, your vehicle’s heating element converts cold air into warm air that is blown into your car through various vents.


If you have issues with your vehicle’s heat, the problem might be in your car’s heater core. If you turn the heat up and hot air isn’t coming out of your vents, you might have an issue with the heating element of your system. Take your car to a local automotive shop to repair or replace your heater core.


2.   Check the Exhaust Systems and Ducts


Another area to check for problems with your heating and cooling is your exhaust system and ducts. One of the most common issues with exhaust systems is that they can quickly get clogged.  A clogged exhaust can cause significant issues with your vehicle, such as overheating. If you have problems with your heating or cooling system, check your exhaust system for blockages. Remove any blockages you can or contact your local auto repair shop for help.


3.   Check the Cooling System:


If your AC isn’t working or your car is taking an extended time to cool down, there can be several causes. One of the most common causes of cooling issues is a fluid leak. Your cooling system is filled with a special fluid called antifreeze. It is a coolant that helps your AC distribute cool air throughout your vehicle. If you have a leak in your radiator, loss of antifreeze can impact the performance of your cooling system. If you notice any issues with your vehicle’s cooling system, you need to bring your car to a local auto repair shop immediately. This won’t just help you avoid more expensive repairs. Still, it will ensure your safety, especially if dangerous fluids are leaking from your vehicle.


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