5 Fun and Different Kinds of Mirrors to Use in Your Home

For any room in your house, a mirror can tie it all together aesthetically along with providing a great function for the space. Having mirrors throughout the house can help with making sure you look great before you leave home as well as making the room feel bigger than it actually is. Mirrors also brighten the room making the space also feel light, helping to create the feeling of even more space in a small room.


Here are 5 fun and different kinds of mirrors to use in your home to open up any space.

Plane Mirrors

This kind of mirror is the most common type of mirror. It is usually flat or slightly curved, but it does come in a variety of shapes and designs. Plane mirrors are the only kind of mirror that creates an identical reflection of the subject standing in front of the mirror. This kind of mirror comes in hundreds of different sizes and shapes, so there is a lot of individuality that can come from this type of mirror.

Spherical Mirrors

Unlike plane mirrors, spherical mirrors are curved mirrors that have been cut into circles, creating either concave or convex mirrors. These mirrors, depending on the concavity, either enlarge or reduce the subject that is in the mirror. These mirrors are usually used in makeup environments since it allows for up close views of the face. These mirrors, like plane mirrors, can be in hundreds of different shapes and sizes.

One/Two Way Mirrors

These mirrors are part reflective, part transparent and are designed so that light can go from a light room into another, but the light does not go into the other room. These mirrors are almost always one way. The mirrors are usually used in labs, security observation rooms, to keep security cameras hidden, and, the most common use of all, in interrogation rooms. These mirrors, like the other two options, come in a large variety of sizes and shapes.

Silvered Mirrors

By definition, silvered mirrors simply means that the mirror is coated with a reflective material like silver or many other different types of materials. Since these types of mirrors are just coatings, it is much easier to find a material that you can use that is reflective and is non-corrosive. The joint factors of finding a coating material that is reflective and non-corrosive will help provide a long lasting mirror. This mirror can come in a large variety of shapes and sizes, but depending on the size of the mirror, there can be an increase of time that it takes to create the mirrors.

Miscellaneous/Customized Mirrors

The final type of mirror is customized mirrors. These mirrors can be created in any way, shape, or form that the buyer wants. It can come in any size that the buyer also wants, making it one of the best options to have full artistic liberty and customization within your home.

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