4 Questions Everyone Should Ask When Hiring Movers

There are so many different moving agencies out in the market. Some agencies specialize in specific areas for moving, some are better at packing than transporting, and some don’t even have the right licensing to be doing what they are doing. It is a very interesting market. When moving homes, some people like to pack themselves and move their things on their own to make sure that they arrive without damage or mistakes, but in some cases, there is either a want or a need to hire movers to help keep the process smooth and moving along. Thankfully, when looking into hiring movers, you are able to ask these people questions to see if they have the right qualifications and licensing to do what you need them to do.


Here are 4 questions everyone should ask when hiring movers.


  1. What is the company’s permanent business address?

If the location of the company is in some sort of neighborhood or home, it may not be the best option. If something is to happen during the moving process and there are any problems whatsoever, making sure they have a permanent address in an office or warehouse area will help make contact with them much easier.


  1. How are you and I able to contact the packers and movers?

In our current day and age, there are numerous ways to contact people, using social media or emails. It is important to know the primary form of communication that the company uses and if you are comfortable with it. And if the communication seems sketchy in any way, you should drop that company as soon as possible.


  1. Is the company willing to put every commitment they state into writing?

When talking to different companies, it is important to know whether or not they are reputable. If you ask them to put what they say their company can do into writing, a reliable and honest company will happily do so. Any company that is hesitant to do anything along those lines is an untrustworthy or honest company. Having things on paper will speak much louder than words to know if they are a good company.


  1. Is the company doing the work themselves or subcontracting work?

In many large companies, they will subcontract work to other companies so that way they do not have to worry about the work on their end. In this case, a moving company that says they are great and reliable with moving could sometimes move the work of moving onto different companies. This shows that the company does put the moving part of their company as one of the most important parts of their company. This can lead to multiple issues and shows that the company is paying attention to the task they say they provide. Knowing the company cares and ensures that they contract the work to their own workers proves that they are an honest and good provider of service. If ever in need of a professional moving company, contact Redlands Moving for all of your Movers Murrieta needs.


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