5 Questions About Residential System Upgrades

How much do you know about your residential electrical system? Most people only have a slight idea about the electrical systems in their households, how they work, and the upgrades required over time. However, it is wise to know how to and when to upgrade your residential electrical systems. Let’s look at the most common questions homeowners ask about electrical upgrades.


5 Questions About Residential Electrical Upgrades


Here are some great questions to consider about your residential electrical upgrades:


1.   Is it Necessary to Upgrade My Residential Electrical System?


Many signs indicate your electrical system needs to be upgraded or replaced. Frequently tripping your circuit breaker, noticing other lights dimming when an appliance is turned on, hot electrical panels, an electrical system older than 25 years, or changing electrical needs are some of the most common reasons you need to upgrade your electrical system.


2.   What is the Typical Lifespan of a Residential Electrical Panel?


Quality brand electrical panels that are well-maintained can last up to 40 years. Still, if you notice any of the signs mentioned above, there is a possibility that your electrical panel needs to be replaced sooner. Moreover, if you add new major appliances, your electrical system might need an upgrade to handle the electrical demand.  Contact your electrician to schedule an inspection that indicates if you need an upgrade.


3.   Why Do the Electrical Systems of Older Homes Need to Be Upgraded?


Imagine how the electrical needs of years ago differ from today’s residential electrical needs? If you have an older home, the electrical panels installed when your home was built are undoubtedly outdated. The electrical components and parts that are now available aren’t just more practical. Still, there are also different safety requirements today. Years ago, electrical appliances were limited. With today’s technology, machines have evolved substantially, and so have their electrical capacity requirements. Therefore, older electrical systems might not be able to support the devices you use today.


4.   Can I Do a DIY Upgrade of My Home’s Electrical Panel?


Absolutely not! At all costs, especially for your and your family’s safety, never consider DIY electrical projects without the help of a certified electrician. Even in the presence of an electrician, you should leave the work to the professionals. While you can assist them and communicate with them through the process to increase your knowledge, you should never try to do the work on your own. Doing so can leave you at risk for common electrical hazards, such as electrical fires and electrocution.


5.   What Are the Possible Benefits of an Upgraded Electrical System?


The most essential advantage of upgrading your electrical system is to increase its efficiency. Building codes vary from year to year, and new security and safety improvements might also be added to electrical system requirements every year. Therefore, upgrading your system can bring your wiring system up to code and keep your home safe. Additionally, upgrades are crucial if you are planning to rent or sell your home.


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